Gardeners, there is an indigenous compost available made from local organic sources which can supplement your own garden compost. Garden soils are often compacted and dust like from constant cropping, this is a result of the depletion of the organic content of the soil. Soil is composed of a mixture of minerals and organic matter. As the organic matter is constantly decomposing, soils develop a poor physical structure over time. Replacing organic matter is an annual priority for the gardener

There is an environmental pressure to reduce the use of peat in gardening and it is difficult to find another source of organic matter. SMC is a readily available replacement

What is SMC? Mushroom compost is made from composted wheaten straw, poultry and horse manure. After the mushroom crop is grown, the residue is called SMC, or spent mushroom compost. It is clean, weed free and odourless

Benefits of SMC nutrient process. The organic matter decomposes to humus particles which like clay particles are negatively charged and then act as extra sites in the soil solution to hold charged ions like NH4+, K+, Ca+ and S+ etc. And prevent their loss to ground water. These essential nutrients are then absorbed by plant root hairs

SMC contains a wide range of plant nutrients itself. Some garden soils require limestone. Soils derived from shale rock are naturally low in lime. SMC contains significant amounts of lime. The fibre from the straw improves soil structure. Used properly, SMC can improve soil structure and bring fertility back to the soil.

We have developed a very successful mix of compost and top soil for vegetable and flower beds over the last 6 years. Deliveries are in 3 tonnes or 5 tonnes

Deliveries. We can deliver to the following counties: Tipperary, Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick, Wexford, Wicklow, Clare, Waterford, Carlow, Laois, Offaly, Kerry, Kildare.