Gardeners Gold Organic Compost

Gardeners Gold Organic Compost improves soil structure and microbiological activity which in turn increases growth and nutrient uptake of crops.

  • High organic matter content
  • Improves soil structure
  • A significant source of plant nutrients - especially P and K
  • Provides trace elements
  • No Pathogens

Many gardens' soils are deficient in organic matter, especially if the garden has received artificial fertilizer continuously over the years

Gardeners Gold compost is used extensively by many professional growers. Mushroom compost is recommended by most gardening experts as the most effective soil conditioner available

Gardeners Gold mushroom compost is mixed and turned every few weeks over a period of 18 months until it is fully composted, at this stage there is no odour and is black, moist and loamy

Visit our Testimonials & Examples section to see some examples of plants grown with our organic compost

Raised Vegetable Beds

Raised vegetable and flower beds using our compost

Raised Vegetable Beds
Raised Vegetable Beds
Raised Vegetable Beds
Raised Vegetable Beds